The SARAUNIYA Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

Age: 18-25 as at the date of the pageant finals. Entrant must be a natural genetic female.

Unmarried and will not marry before the close of the pageant.

How do I enter?

Prospective entrants are to download the entry form online: You may fill and submit the form with necessary photographs, Pay the mandatory and non-refundable entry fee to any branch of Access  Bank close to you or pay online through the website.

Any form submitted without an authenticated bank teller is officially voided. No cash payment at all. The account details: Account Name – “SARAUNIYA BEAUTY PAGEANT” with account number “0799461187” Access Bank.

What is the structure of The SARAUNIYA competition?

For prospective contestants, qualification for the grand finale is not automatic. To qualify all prospective contestants must first pass through our auditions in Lagos, Abuja and Kaduna. Successful contestants will 

When do I enter?

 Dates and deadline for the commencement of sales of entry forms (Northern Regional Finals):

 August 14 2021 to November 15, 2021. All deadlines are strictly enforced. Entry fees must be paid in full. No exceptions under any circumstances. All required paperwork/forms must be received within a week after purchase.

Why entry fee?

The Sarauniya ® is self-supporting and relies solely upon entry fees to cover some production expenses. The entry fee is N5, 000 only. All fees paid to Sarauniya Beauty Pageant are NOT REFUNDABLE and NOT TRANSFERABLE in full or in part under any circumstances.

What does the fee include?

Approximately the entry fee is directed back to each contestant in the form of Meals, accommodation, entertainment / Site seeing, and Parties.

 Entry fee includes:

Eligibility for all prizes and awards

Official documents

Cover letters

Most meals

Trip to sight seeing


Ball and other parties

Transportation between hotel and venues

Pageant Program Book

Mandatory special account opening

Entry fee does not include:

Travel expenses to camp

Competition wardrobe

Production wardrobe

Personal expenses

May I seek a sponsor?

You may seek sponsors for yourself. All contestants’ sponsors are to be recognized in the Sarauniya Pageant® program book at no charge.

When Should I return my form?

The form MUST be returned within a week after purchase.

What photographs should I submit the forms with?

A contestant should provide SBP with:

  • Three copies of full-length photo
  • Two copies of a full-faced shot (Different shots)
  • 4 passport photograph to be attached directly on the form jacket
  • 2 Fashion/Modeling photograph of the contestant (if any)
  • 3 copy of three quarters to the waist up photograph

Is a contestant free to choose which region to Contest?   

Yes. She is free to do so. For those who wish to compete from other zones outside the Northern region, they should constantly monitor our website to know when we commence sales of our entry forms in those zones.

Who are our Franchisees at the regions?

HQ: DanHausawa Media Ltd




Am I required to sell ads for the program brochure?

Yes if you can. All sales made attract 30 % of the total space sold in your favour. But the number of ad sales has no bearing on the outcome of the pageant. This is strictly business and you can use it to raise funds to finance/sponsor your participation.

What kind of prizes can I win at the Grand Finale?

  • A salon car (Star Prize) + monthly salaries a year + gift pack
  • Consolation prize (2nd prize)
  • Consolation prize (3rd prize)
  • Consolation Prizes

Do all Contestants receive a sash?

Yes, they will. The official SARAUNIYA sash is included in the entry fee.

How long does it take to get my sash?

The order will be placed for your sash upon arrival in the camp.

What kind of wardrobe should I come with for the competition?

  • 2 long evening dress made with Nigerian/African fabric.
  • 3 Glamorous Bikini (one for swimming games)
  • 3 Cocktail dress
  • 4 Day time dress
  • 3 outfits for the evening suitable for wear in a disco or night outing
  • Casual outfits for daytime
  • High-heeled shoes, a minimum of two
  • Pair of Trainers/Sports shoes
  • Comfortable working shoes
  • Pocket allowance
  • Sweets and Candies or clothes for the motherless Children (Your own charity gift to the orphanage, while in camp)

How about Screenings?

All entrants must undergo screening. The screening dates, venue and time shall be communicated to you via email, Whatsapp (if any) or phone text message. The screening might be for 2 days so contestants should make their own arrangements for accommodation.

Each region has two screening points, separate dates and locations.




All entrants shall be duly communicated on the venues for the screenings. Note, however that a contestant is free to choose where to be screened amongst the aforementioned.

What is the Screening Wardrobe?

The screening wardrobe is a swim wear/mini skirt with spaghetti top and three beautiful dresses for photo shoot. There MIGHT be two day screening in each of the zones.

How about camping?

Camping is compulsory. Successful contestants would spend a total of 7 days or more in camp for the Finals

What are the dates for camping?

For the Grand finale, camp opens on November 30, 2021. The camp location shall be announced during one of our many press conferences.

Late Penalty

Entrants should understand and agree to the following penalty for late arrival to the camp: A total of 3 point per day is deducted from the delegate's total score. Where a contestant stays out of camp for more than four days out of the camping period she becomes disqualified. Contestants are required to always visit the official website to know the camping date. You should however keep in touch with the officials of SARAUNIYA for information regarding the camping dates.

Can contestants be married?

No. Contestants MUST not be married or pregnant. They must not have ever been married, not had a marriage annulled nor given birth to a child. The titleholders are also required to remain single throughout their reign.

For Further enquiries call these numbers

Hotline 08091002619 or 08069587755